Controllership services

The complexities of your finances increase as your business grows, but your time dedicated to it doesn’t have to.

Why startups choose Mighty for controllership services

Run a tighter month end close

Controllers are essential to the ongoing functions of a growing company. Without their oversight key financial details may be missed.

Instant expertise

Don’t waste time learning how to first gather financial information, then learning how to interpret it. Allow our controllers to handle that while you grow your business.

Predictable (and Affordable) Costs

Fractional availability means less money spent while getting the work you need done in an efficient manner. With our fixed packages, you can expect predictable billing month to month.

Controller Services

Our team is rooted in B2B tech. Having come from that world, we came together to provide founders and investors what they really need: clean, accessible, and timely financials to help make decisions faster.


We’ll oversee an efficient month end close process. A standard three-statement financial reporting packet, including: balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows, gets delivered to you monthly.

You’re in Good Company


Companies that are beginning to see increased complexity across the business will benefit from a controller’s expertise. Post-seed is often a time where you will need to begin tracking a budget and reporting to external shareholders. Having the information you need at your fingertips (without having to put it together yourself) will help keep conversations smooth and steady.

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